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Industrial & Commercial Flooring Systems 

Whatever you produce, store, sell or exhibit, BASF has a flooring system to fit.

Our complete range of flooring products spans the requirements of everything from high chemical resistance to severe impact and abrasion to floors that provide the highest level of aesthetics required in architectural installations.

We can also help you increase the productivity, fulfill hygienic requirements, save energy, enhance the ambience of your rooms and reduce the maintenance costs - by offering you the most suitable floor finish.


Brands under this segment: 

MASTERTOP range of natural and integral hardeners for concrete create both an aesthetically pleasing and wear resistant surface for manufacturing and assembly industries.
MASTERTOP metallic toppings provide the highest level of resistance for aggressive environments such as servicing of tracked vehicles or waste transfer stations.

MASTERTOP epoxy coatings and toppings include products for the protection of concrete where an impervious floor is required. A number of surface textures are available to customize the floor for the needs of the industry and available in a range of decorator colours.

MASTERTOP polyurethane coatings and toppings provide aesthetically pleasing and innovative products for many industries. The range includes flexible and sound deadening products that provide significant benefits over conventional soft floors like vinyl. a range of decorative colours make these products the choice of designers of architectural unique spaces. 

MASTERTOP floor levelers are the support that the carpet and vinyl layers rely on. Worlds best leveling technology originating in our PCI affiliate make these products the best and easiest to use and make renovations fast with short drying times and true self leveling properties.

UCRETE high chemical and heat resistance flooring products for the most aggressive industries like the food and beverage industries. Ucrete created 30 years ago still out performs its rivals and can be laid to meet the most demanding requirements of chemical and slip resistance. Also suitable for use with high temperature cleaning regimes.

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